BRICS Journal of Economics 1(4): 24-32, doi: 10.38050/2712-7508-2020-1-4-3
Investment cooperation in the BRICS countries
expand article infoMaria Sholokhova
Open Access
The purpose of the study is to analyze the current stage of investment cooperation between the BRICS countries in terms of current investment projects and legislation regulating investment interaction. The methods of the research are as follows: investigating the issue of investment cooperation between different member states and the legal framework for such cooperation; finding sources such as books, magazines, journals, legal acts, and websites; collecting all the necessary data; critical analysis of the data on the issue of the research; developing an outline. The investment interaction under study is presented at three different levels: outward foreign direct investments from the BRICS countries; foreign direct investments into the BRICS countries; and investment cooperation between the BRICS countries. All levels of investment cooperation are regulated both at the national and international levels.
investments, BRICS, investment cooperation, foreign direct investments, BIT.